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No nudity, foul language, or other similar objectionable material is included in this motion picture.


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This movie is based on the third book in the Prophecy Series, The Covenant is Broken




America’s future is a precarious time.  Christians and Patriots are reviled and President Lynette rules as a dictator after her husband, the former President of the United States, was assassinated.  Militia terrorists were blamed, and therefore, Marshall Law continues across the nation.

Joshua Kooper (Christopher Waller) is set to be released from a RESCUES Station a center where those with politically incorrect thoughts undergo therapy.  Joshua, like his father (who was executed), is a rebel who stands up for the liberties of the oppressed people of the USA.  He was the leader of a group who fought to protect the freedoms of those the government attacked.

That group was crushed and the remnants scattered or killed.  Upon his release, Joshua is on a mission to find his wife and children.  The government thinks he has been rehabilitated and has given him a new name and identity.  They tail him to see who might contact him hoping to find more of the disbanded Christian Patriot group.

Joshua notices, contacts Dr. Knailes (Sharon Swarts), the doctor in charge of his rehabilitation, and because he seems to be on their side, the government decides to use him to actively find subversives.  The explanation of the plan by Dr. Knailes leaves Joshua wondering if he really is Joshua Kooper or just Joshua James as the government claims.

Will Joshua evade the government tails that follow him wherever he goes?  What about the microchip embedded in his right hand?  With it the government can track him everywhere.

Based on the book, The Covenant is Broken, by Kirt R. Poovey

A film by ECI Films and Hedge-Apple Creek Productions

Directed by JASON POOVEY  

Produced by KIRT R. POOVEY  

Screenplay by KIRT R. POOVEY and ERIN POOVEY 

Music by ERIN POOVEY  




(Adapted from an article by The Hutchinson News from July 17, 2004, edition by Kathy Hanks)


The signature black and white clapboard made a snapping sound as a woman announced, "Scene 2." The camera started rolling, capturing a young man strolling down the 500 block of Main Street.

ECI Films was on location this past week, filming "The Patriot Deception" on Hutchinson streets and in businesses.

Jason Poovey, a digital media major at John Brown University, Siloam Springs, Ark., is the director. His father, Kirt, the producer, wrote the screenplay.

Kirt Poovey said, "I try to imitate excellence and see how a film was made, what kind of shots were used and how sequences are framed for a shot."

Lighting is crucial for filming, Poovey said.

"Key lighting and fill lighting to fill in the shadows and back light are necessary," he said. "We are trying to get a three-dimensional look from something that is two-dimensional."

As Poovey worked with the lighting for a scene being shot inside Hayes Sight and Sound, the film's star waited on the sidelines.

"It's a demanding shooting schedule," said Christopher Waller, 22, a recent Sterling College graduate. While 40 hopefuls auditioned for the low-budget film, 16 unknowns were selected for the cast. Hopefully stars will be born.

'There have been many, many takes because I don't remember my lines," Waller said.

He plays the protagonist in the film, a young man who has been released from a federal facility where his mind had been reconditioned to think politically correct thoughts.

"He had incorrect thoughts," explained Jason Poovey. "His wife and children have gone into hiding, and he is trying to find them."

The Christian film carries a simple, but enduring message.

"It's our faith in God which carries us through the difficult times," Ruth Poovey said.

The inspiration for making the movie came from a film festival contest sponsored by Vision Forum called the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival.

"By providing a platform for Christians to present their art and by offering appropriate recognition for excellence in Christian film production, we hope to encourage this movement for the glory of God," said Doug Phillips, president of Vision Forum.



"We will stand, fight, and die to defend our country; but we will not blindly trust it.  Even our Founding Fathers distrusted a large, centralized, all-powerful federal government -- so should we.  Always be on guard to discern the truth and defend it at all costs."